Unique motivation for your community's next star technologists.

Our online platform and in-person lessons combine to create a reward system for students to engage with STEAM subjects while impacting their communities.

How it works

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Step 1

Program leaders in schools, parks, camps, etc., contact us to create a new community.

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Step 2

Tech Heroes support students through financial, knowledge and motivational support.

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Step 3

Students build their profiles as future tech stars, while earning rewards for progress made!

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For Stardom Up, a star is anyone who finds success doing what they love. We believe that any passionate and hardworking student can rise to incredible success (stardom!). Whether it's engineering, design or hustling, there is a path for you.

This is not about more work. Let's be honest: sometimes school work is not very fun. We help make it more entertaining while making you a star. Yep!

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Tech Heroes

Sharing your passion for tech & innovation by supporting future tech stars? Makes you a hero in our book. There are so many different ways for you to support. Whether through financial support, sharing your expertise or just inspiration, we make it easier for you.

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Schools & Teachers

Your job is really hard. We can make it easier. A few clicks from you and we're on our way to great results in your STEAM subjects while showing your students another way to success (stardom!).

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Parents & Families

You care so much about your children and want the best for them. It's now easier than ever for you to support their growth. We help show you some shortcuts on how to get them engaged and learning these critical skills for the future.